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A simple plan to take control of your Health, kill the stress, and flourish!


Are you ~ Too busy, stressed-out, overwhelmed and confused about what to do?...


Are you worried about being a burden to your family as you age,

 your health deteriorating, or being in physical pain?


Feel a little like you’re up against a brick wall??!













Let’s face it… you’ve probably been taking care of everyone else for years, and in that busy-ness

you’ve easily neglected to take care of yourself.


Now you’re dealing with some of these things ~

1) belly fat

2) foggy thinking 

3) fatigue/ no energy to even get through the day

4) accelerated aging/ wrinkles


And, has worry about these things crossed your mind?~

* heart attacks

* strokes

* diabetes

* chronic sicknesses and disease (high blood pressure, depression, ulcers)


Is your doctor starting to suggest all kinds of medications that you may “need”? 

Maybe you’re not exactly comfortable with going the drug route, if at all possible.


“What about ME in this Youth worshipping culture?”


Trust me, you are not alone -

millions are waking up each day and wondering how they got to this place of sensing

the constant pressure of getting older.


Really - how can you help it with the unending drum beat of our culture

focusing on the value of “youth” and how to “stop aging” to look like all those Hollywood stars who,

in all honesty, have professionals at their beck and call to fix them all up, give them the best treatments, the highest care, the most expensive everything ~


WITH cosmetic surgery and air-brushed pictures that are not even what they may look like!


Maybe you just kind of get the overwhelming sense that you’re never going to get back to feeling yourself again – it’s over. 


“I’m stuck. This is the just way it gets as I get older…I give up.”


On top of all that, worry and stress beget worry and stress –

before you know it you feel like you’re “circling the drain” DOWN!


(I love that visual, because I can totally relate to that feeling!).


If you’re ready to just get on with it, just schedule a free discovery session:

 I invite you to schedule a free initial discovery session with me.  During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals,

and if we are a good fit for working together.



My Wake Up Call


 I know… because just a couple of years ago I crashed. 


I was working hard and, yup, ignoring all the road signs as I traveled along totally stressed out. 


I just kept pushing and pushing myself until one day I was in church (it wasn’t even a work day it had so built up in my body!) and I slumped into my seat with chest pains and

scary symptoms I’d never felt before. 


They grabbed a local doctor who was there that morning and he couldn’t rule out a heart attack.

So they rushed me to ER. 


Guess what?  After admitting me to the hospital overnight, and running all the tests, I wasn’t having a heart attack… I was just completely exhausted and my body was telling me loud and clear – enough! 


I’m really glad I finally listened that time.  I’m convinced that if I hadn’t, things could’ve ended a lot worse, and I wouldn’t now be enjoying spending time with my incredible family. 


Thank GOD for the chance to recognize the danger and do something about it

before I had really serious repercussions.
















Here I am with my husband and best friend, surrounded by a few of our amazing grandchildren

… I’m so blessed every day I get to spend with them! 


And I want to stay healthy to see them continue to grow up, and speak into their precious lives.  

I’d even like to be there for them when they get married and have kids of their own, God willing. 


I don’t want to be a burden on them…

I want to be a blessing and someone who shares life and wisdom with them! 


Someone who is as healthy as I can be, living full and purposeful years

into my 70s, 80s and 90s (who knows?!). 


Now I know there are no guarantees in life, and I’m ok with that. 


But what I’m NOT ok with, is just letting my body go down the drain, watching as my health deteriorates, and I just let it happen… when I could do something about it!


Existing… or Flourishing?


Is your life where you want it to be – are you really living and flourishing, or barely getting by?  What’s holding you back – is it that you just don’t know what to do, or do you feel overwhelmed, bewildered at where you can even start? It’s not rocket science, but it might feel that way when we’re stuck!


I can help you clear away the muddle, in an easy to implement way that you can actually do!

It is NOT unrealistic or unreachable…


#1 ~


First and foremost ~ YOU NEED A PLAN!

What is it that you desire to see different in your life?

How would you like your life to really look if you could change it?


Can I tell you something – honestly – can you handle the truth?  :-)


Nothing is going to change unless you MAKE A PLAN to pro-actively do something.


You’re not just going to wake up one morning and have all new habits, and know just what to do; how to eat the best way for your body, and actually DO IT. 

You won’t just suddenly snap your fingers and be in great peace and – poof – all your problems are solved.


Especially when it comes to your health.  


You’ve taken years to ‘be’ the way you are, and

it won’t change by going down the same path and patterns you been taking for all that time.


That’s not the way life works! 


We’re not created to just change magically. 

Humans – actually even our pet animals – need loving, deliberate and focused  help. 


Just as our kids need deliberate instruction, or you train people at work in a certain skill ~ yes, it takes SKILL!  No shame in that.  Remember when you were learning to ride a bike – maybe you used training wheels for a while, or maybe someone ran along side you and held you up for a bit.  It’s kind of like that.


Time is running out… what is the challenge?


You need a plan for the future~

Seize the day!!


Let me help you identify exactly what it is that is not allowing you to live healthy and feel the way you should be at this time in your life.


We’re not talking about pie in the sky here – we’re talking reality.


Do-able things – new habits.  A lifestyle change that lasts.


 Creating a life that you love, that comes naturally over time ~

so you don’t even have to think about it!


 To decide if health coaching is right for you,

I invite you to schedule a free initial discovery session with me. 


During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals, and if we are a good fit for working together.


Initially, we’ll carefully go over the things that YOU want to focus on,

that are issues for you personally. This will look different for everyone.


Because you are unique, and not just a number in some massive healthcare “system” that doesn’t really know you.  There isn’t a “protocol” that I have to follow. 

#1 ~ I listen to you, and tailor your program to your needs.


We’ll trouble shoot your current dietary needs and pitfalls, and your lifestyle choices that may not be the best for your overall health – including emotionally, physically and even the importance of your relationships and spiritual life.


THEN with your customized plan we’ll work on what you need for the following consecutive weeks, so that you get a real feel for living it.   Applying, as needed, expertise in these other areas:


…STEP #2 ~

 * We’ll focus on what foods will work, recipes and how to prepare them  

We will work on very specific ways that will help you to eat better, without spending hours and hours in the kitchen.  You will learn about new foods, and super foods, and easy recipes that are also delicious!  Planning ahead is key, and we’ll work on lists of things to have in your pantry so you’re not stuck ordering pizza at the last minute when you’re starved!


STEP #3 ~      

* We’ll look into activities to get you moving, for exercise that fits YOUR life

and you’ll actually continue to work into your life.

Not everyone likes going to the gym, but it works great for some… others would prefer to have some kind of equipment for a home gym, while some love doing an exercise routine right in their living room, without even any equipment – maybe just by a DVD, or laptop.  We’ll work on developing new habits of mindful moving throughout the day, making it fun while being aware that you are breaking the sedentary habit that is so deadly to our health (REALLY deadly)… you need a PLAN TO DO SOMETHING!


STEP #4 ~

* We will take the time to discover whether you’re getting enough sleep,

and if not, how to help remedy that (this is HUGE)

Did you know that 60% of Americans are sleep deprived,

and don’t think it’s that big of a deal. We’re burning the candle on both ends, sometimes without even realizing it.  AND, we’re stressed out of our minds, keeping us up at night.  

This IS a big deal - it’s a huge deal!  Without the proper rest and restoration our bodies cannot heal themselves, and that includes our mental health as well.  Serious stuff indeed.


STEP #5 ~

* A very important health step will be exploring the possibilities of toxins in your life

environmentally and emotionally – that may be “killing you”

Do you even know what you are surrounding yourself with that might be slowly poisoning you, day after day, year after year?  We NEED to notice! We’ll go over some simple ways to change this, AND make living without, or at least less, chemicals is more economical too.  And then there’s the emotional toxins and relationships that might be stressing you out and causing your body chemistry to be thrown out of balance ~  we need to learn to control what we expose ourselves to for our very health and wellness. 


 STEP #6 ~

* Together we will target the stresses, health concerns, and specific worries

that may be making you sick, and deal with your specific challenges!

This is where knowledge and skill comes together.  We will spend time together personally discovering what are the things that are unique to you in holding you back from your best self, and how you can be aware of them and do what’s best for YOUR health.  In many cases, recognizing the signs of danger now, BEFORE you get sick.This might include things like balancing your hormones, reducing your stress, doing a detox, or losing those extra pounds that are dragging you down.


With all of this information custom made for you,

we’ll create long-term success for you,

because it will become a life-style that becomes part of who you are!


This comes through the right systems, the right support, and the right accountability.


What is the thing you’re willing to get a vision for, and actually DO something about? THINK. 


You may (God willing, who knows) have DECADES more of wonderful, full living on this earth… or you may continue down the same road you’re on and end up with any number of limiting chronic illnesses, short-circuiting your ability to help others, enjoy your family, friends or grandkids, share your unique wisdom and just live your very purpose!


Creating together, that lifestyle you want and love, naturally…


NOW is the time for you! 


It’s not selfishit’s a gift to those you love to take care of yourself, so you can continue to love them and be with them, enjoy life, and not be someone they worry about constantly. 


There are never any guarantees we’ll live and be totally without health concerns of course – we do live in a physical body that gets old and wears out,

but we can at least do our part so there are no regrets that we are responsible for… such as:


“I wish I had quit smoking 10 years ago”


“I should have lost that extra 10 or 20 pounds last decade

before the weight really starting piling up, and now it feels so hard.”


My blood sugar is now getting out of control and I’m on the fast track to diabetes…

why didn’t I eat better before it got to this?!”



Getting older isn’t necessarily easy, but I don’t see that we have any choice in the matter... yet we can be vibrant if we are deliberate and armed with the knowledge to take care of ourselves as we grow older.


And the sooner we do it, the better chance we have of maintaining our healthy freedom.


It’s a great feeling to recognize this time of life as filled with more experience and wisdom,

and in many ways we have more freedom than ever before.


We have so much to give.  Why not live our best to give it?


You want to really live now, you’re sick of the fear of getting older and not having it right!   Perhaps you’re nearing retirement; you want to reap the fruit of all your labors, and not be suffering from the consequences of not taking care of yourself.


Don’t you want to enjoy your friendships, or grown kids and grand kids, perhaps travel or be able to get around without pain and restrictions?


Maybe there are other NEW things you would like to do now – even start a new study, or go a new direction that you’ve wanted to for years. 


You CAN do that – IF you take care of yourself NOW and make a plan.


I will give you the TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION. 

Your life changed.  

Habits that last.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not about deprivation diets, boot camp restrictions, or beating yourself up!

You’ll learn the vital importance of eating satiating healthy fats every day, and what the truth is about cholesterol.  The latest research is changing and science is painting a different picture from what’s been drilled into our heads for the last few decades. We’ve been robbing ourselves of good, real, food!


Ok, so if you’ve been reading this far and thinking about it, I’d like to add a little clarity to

your decision to possibly make a plan…





Who is this program NOT for?


- People who are not serious about wanting transformation and making a real and lasting change


- People who are not committed to doing the work needed – I’ll show you, but you have to WANT it

(more than I do - I can't do it for you)!


- People who are not teachable and willing to learn the truth about what’s healthy, and possibly let go of their pre-conceived ideas and the typical “advertising” lingo about what will work.


- People who are simply satisfied with where they are, content to stay not at their peak and have given up




Who is it FOR?!


- The one who is sick of spinning their wheels, and never feeling better


- The individual who wants to be better than ever, have more energy, more vitality, live free and have the ability to help others instead of constantly care for themselves because of illness or fatigue.


- That person who has a deep desire to do the right things for their health,

but is frankly confused about what IS right with all the overload of information out there on what to eat, what NOT to eat, and how to live!


- The one who is SO ready to change, willing to take advice, and discipline themselves to be better




I know you probably don’t have the time and energy to put a plan together yourself with all of the research and solid information on what will actually help and work…


This is a premium, personalized approach to

creating that life you’ve been feeling is impossible

and out of your reach.


No quick fix, no magic pill, but a REAL, PLAUSIBLE, REALISTIC PLAN you can implement right away for LONG TERM RESULTS.   


Don’t you want to do more than just get by and exist? Don’t you want to grow and flourish – be the best you can be, and be there for your family and friends? 


Not having to be dependent on others, employing radical healthcare,

and taking lots of medication isn’t just a total pipe dream…


there are no guarantees, but making the right choices NOW, goes a long way to living independently later.


If you’re committed, and ready, contact me for a free, complimentary discovery session where we will sit down for 45 minutes to an hour and see if this kind of commitment is a good fit for you. 

There’s no obligation… but you have to take that first step for change to ever happen! 


Thank you for letting me share this with you.


Click here to schedule your discovery session.


P.S.  Just in case you’re worried about whether or not it’s really going to help you and will make any difference after you’ve spent the money (I totally understand this, because I’m super thrifty and a very careful buyer, it’s good) ~  if you begin the program and feel it’s not what you thought or it’s not working for you by the 2nd week I’ll refund your investment.




It’s an investment in your future.












Please take some time and ask yourself…


What will be the cost to you if you do NOT do something, and you just keep putting it off

and wake up another decade down the road in worse shape?....


What will be the cost to your entire family if you do not take care of yourself?


 Now is the time.


Here’s to tomorrow and the possibilities and joy which that holds, of what you can become!....


Living life wise.  Planting seeds now, reaping the good harvest later.

That’s just smart, and so rewarding.  I’d LOVE to help you on that journey!


 If you're ready, or just curious, please click here

to schedule your free initial discovery session 



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