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Katie Mahoney, Health & Lifestyle Coach

meet katie

Hi ~ my name is Katie Mahoney;  I'm so glad you're visiting my site so you can get to know a little more about me and what I do! I live in beautiful and historic Fredericksburg, Virginia with my husband (AKA, best friend), and we are incredibly blessed to have 3 amazing grown daughters, 3 outstanding sons-in-laws, and nine grandchildren. My greatest earthly treasures!


I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, trained at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in NYC, certified and registered with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and am a member of the International Association For Health Coaches. I am also a trained coach in Dr. Sara Gottfried's protocol, The Hormone Cure, and trained in functional nutrition through Holistic PDX, Full Body Systems where we learn to seek out the root cause of sickness instead of just treating the symptoms.


My story is that I was a busy professional who is also a wife, mother and grandmother, and active in a number of important issues (I'm an activist from way back for many vital causes that are dear to my heart, and a musician) and I found myself in a very stressful job that was slowly taking it's toll on my health.


Through the years, even when our children were young, I maintained a hectic schedule, being involved in radio and even television appearances and speaking to groups, school, and then the demanding office job - but the long hours, deadlines and constant demands on my life eventually caught up with me, and I landed in a hospital one day with chest pains!

We thought I was having a heart attack and after many tests were run it was basically understood to be a physical breakdown, with adrenal fatigue and stress induced hormonal imbalance... my body had had enough and was thankfully letting me know before I had REALLY SERIOUS consequences and debilitating disease. Believe me, I KNOW that stress literally sucks the life out of you, and can even kill if left unchecked. I then decided (duh!) it was finally time to take charge of my own well-being!


In that journey I discovered that I had a passion to help others find their best healthy self and made the choice to start a whole new career -- how exciting! I have always been strongly interested in nutrition and fairly well versed on alternative, out-of-the-medical box remedies that I loved to share, but it wasn't until I myself really hit that crisis that I took it seriously enough to actually DO something about the direction of my life that was lacking.


Dealing with overwhelm and stress is a problem that I think is afflicting way too many of us these days, and it's not just reducing our quality of life, but destroying us. It may seem easier to just keep rolling along in our busy hectic lives, and go with the awful flow, than assess the damage and the cost to our entire health, and ultimately future, and take action!


The truth is, that if you don't PRO-ACTIVELY make a plan to change the areas in your life that are out of control or not working for your best health, it's probably never going to happen unless you are forced to deal with it - and then it may be too late.


It's not like one day you're just going to wake up and all of the sudden have new healthy habits and be changed.  And that includes your body, soul and spirit... so everything from the way you eat and your healthy weight, to your physical exercise (or lack thereof), your relationships with friends and loved ones, controlling stress levels and toxins in your environment, and having a peaceful and fulfilling spiritual life (which is huge!).


You might have some of those down -- but what about the entire balance of your life?



Is it time for you to step up and make a plan?  










Are you finally sick of your rut, or do you see that your life could be so much better, more fulfilling and purposeful,

as well as full of energy to do the things you really want to do? Are you over-worked, over-stressed and worried about aging?  


That's what I'm here for -- START TODAY!...

contact me for a free initial discovery session, and let's talk about 'what ails you', and how together we can make it better.


We can all learn to flourish!




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