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 "What my clients are saying"

I'm so blessed to have such great clients!

Here's what a few a them are saying...

"Katie is a wealth of knowledge! I have learned so much about just how drastically stress affects the body. With her nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and spiritual tips- I feel a lot better! I'm waking up with more energy, not feeling my way to the coffee pot anymore. I feel more In tune with my body and when I'm not feeling well I have a healthy arsenal to go to. I would definitely recommend Katie!" Brooke

"You helped me be less narrow-minded about what it means to be healthy. I learned that its important to take care of myself in other ways than just eating what everyone calls healthy...that our bodies are all different which calls for different remedies.  I learned a better gauge of when to stop eating and when I need to eat.  Most of all, I enjoyed working with you because you knew how to laugh even in the middle of stressful times. You really took the time to get to know me and remembered the pieces of our conversations that needed follow-up to them.  I like that you weren't trying to sell me a product, but I just can tell you genuinely care."  Gail

“Working with Katie has absolutely changed my life. After years of going from doctor to doctor and never getting definitive answers, Katie was the first person to listen to all of my symptoms, piece them together and offer an overall solution.  She started me on the journey of finally getting healthy and gave me the tools I needed.  I was overwhelmed at the thought of changing my diet but she provided recipes, links, and resources.  And I could ask her anything, anytime!  It finally felt doable.  After our initial meetings when I began implementing her suggestions, I noticed a huge difference in my body.  I went from being sick almost every day to feeling like a new person!  She was also able to connect me with holistic doctors in the area who can further my treatment.  I am so thankful for what she has done in my life.Seriously though, love you so much and I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. ”  Missy



“THANK YOU for the encouragement. :) One day at a time! Here is my testimonial... Katie is wonderful! In our first session alone, she was able to educate me in a way that was deeply impactful.  I now have solid, customized nutritional guidelines that I am able to easily remember.  She would always extensively research my questions or concerns and come back with clear and concise answers, always uses simple terminology and thoroughly educates so that you don't become lost or confused.  Even if I go off track, I'm still able to easily reference back to my sessions with Katie and get myself back in line.  I feel empowered to change my lifestyle in a great way!" Tina

“Even though growing up with healthy eating habits, I found myself as an adult living with chronic pain and high levels of body inflammation. Utilizing the health and nutrition program “Living Lifewise” with Katie Mahoney, I received not only the knowledge of improving my health but also a renewal of balancing and prioritizing my life and relationships, as well as encouraging my spirit. The many resources I received guided me to a lifestyle I can maintain which has resulted in renewed energy, improved sleep, and a positive support system. "  Sandy

“Even I first went to Katie with weight and health concerns, expecting her to wave her magic wand erasing all my problems. Thankfully, that was not the case. Instead, she kindly, but insistently, had me face my demons. She has armed me with knowledge of how to eat well, educated me about the merits of organic and careful shopping and eating, and encouraged me about the need to take control of my life- spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I appreciated the fact that she didn't push any specific supplement brand. Katie was intensely knowledgeable of the subject matter, and if she didn't know an answer she would have within one or two hours.I recommend Katie if you desire to regain control over your life especially the realm the food and eating. I have learned to shop, cook, and eat in a much healthier fashion."  Susan

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